There Is Always Someone Who Will Do It Cheaper…

One thing I hear a lot is that Young Living is expensive.  After spending a week in Utah and seeing the farm and how seriously they take quality, I see that we probably don’t pay enough for this process.  Most of us would not be willing to work as hard as Young Living does!  You can read about Young Livings seed to seal process here:

The stuff you see at the grocery store is not quality stuff.  For it to be sold in a store it has to be FDA approved which means absolutely nothing.  The FDA allows these companies to label their “oils” 100% pure but only requires them to have 10% pure oil in it.  So what is the other 90%?  Chemicals, fillers, water, etc…  The FDA is also not my standard of things that are good because they approve all kinds of bad stuff we shouldn’t be putting in to our bodies.


Pure oils do not expire.  If you have any oils that are not Young Living they most likely have an expiration date somewhere on them.  This means they have fillers.  Fillers expire!

expiration dates

Also when you consider all the things that you never need to buy again once you start using Young Living Oils and other Products, you will be saving money and not putting harmful chemicals into your body.

cleaning products IMG_2632


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