Garbage in…Garbage out (part 1)

We get out of our health what we put into it.


Did you know YL was the first company to add essential oils to their supplements?

Big brand supplements are not good nutrition.  They are lab created, not natural.  They only mimic a natural supplement.

What makes our body a host for disease? Being acidic.  Pathogens love acidic environment…acid leads to inflammation…which leads to disease.  Sugar is a main cause of being acidic.

Young Living’s age-specific nutrition products come packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for every stage in life.

Lets start with my favorite way to keep my family healthy…

NingXia Red®

NingXia Red

NingXia Red 1oz

Wolfberry (are a great source of fiber & over 36,000 on the ORAC scale), Cherry (helps with joint discomfort), Plum (great source of fiber), Blueberries (2,400 on the ORAC scale)

Ningxia red PSK


Now let’s talk about the importance of Enzymes.

Without enzymes things would not decompose (dead animals, leaves turning brown and breaking down, etc). Enzymes are the catalyst that create many essential biochemical reactions that don’t happen without them.

Three types of enzymes:  

  1. Digestive (produces)
  2. Food (living food, not processed, raw)
  3. Metabolic (come from organs like the pancreas)

Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures over 120 degrees (from cooking, processes like pasteurization, microwaving, radiation (zaps enzymes to have longer shelf life). Carrots have more enzymes than any other food.  Foods are made of chemical elements that need enzymes to break them down.  Enzymes need vitamins and minerals to function.  Enzymes unlock the benefits of vitamins, minerals and hormones to engage us in the body functions we need.  Enzymes are specific in purpose.

Young Living offers several choices in enzymes:









KidScents® MightyZyme




On to Vitamins…


KidScents MightyVites





Super B

Super B


Super C

Super C


True Source

True Source


Life 5 

Life 5




We need omega 3’s for our brain, heart, and liver. Fish oil is the same omega 3 in our brain.  Gary combined former heart product into OmegaGize. Fish oil is unstable and needs to be refrigerated. It becomes rancid in only 40 mins in the stomach.  Fish oil consumed on its own is deadly.  If you consume it, you need a high fat soluble antioxidant with it.

What is different about fish oil from the health store and Young Living?

Once a bottle of fish oil is opened, it is becoming rancid.  Young Living mixes fish oil with clove oil and vitamin E (over a million on the ORAC) immediately.  Listeria (the bad bacteria) found in fish oil is killed with the clove oil.  Added vitamin D (reduces cancer and cardiovascular risk) because we are chronically deficient in vit D.  Females need 4000 IUs a day (our absorption is at a lower rate when we are over 40 and we need more).  Contains roman chamomile which amplifies the absorption by 15%-16%.  A third of  the country are on statin drugs (Zocor, Lipitor) which gives you myopathy (breaks down muscle tissues like the heart) and depletes the CoQ10 of our heart (a key nutrient).  OmegaGize contains the highest quality of CoQ10 on the market today to break down statins.

3 oils in OmegaGize:  Clove (anti-everything; coagulant, protects against ulcers), Spearmint (increases metabolism, gall bladder stimulant), German Chamomile (antioxidant, promotes digestive, liver and gall bladder health

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